NO Windows 10! Stay with Windows 7.

TOPIC: NO Windows 10! Stay with Windows 7.

Recently (as of this writing) my computer-geek brother-in-law persuaded me to upgrade my high-speed i3-processor mega-gigabyte hard-drive laptop from Windows 7 (which also had had virtual XP capability) to Windows 10, because of a threat he uttered that Windows 7 was (apparently) scheduled to no longer be supported by Microsoft in 2020 so as to no longer be provided with occasional updates from Microsoft.

"Not Supported" does NOT mean, of course, that Windows 7 will no longer work then and thereafter, just as XP (no longer supported by Microsoft as of 2014) continues to work (as long as neither the user and/or no hacker messes with those operating systems by deleting crucial system files and/or embedding in whatever malware unknowingly (or deliberately) transmitted, transferred,and imposed through internet connection to the nefarious or ignorant, or residing within certain flashdrive files on those infected thumbdrives).

So I gullibly and foolishly let my brother-in-law upgrade my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (and keep in mind that I was and had been perfectly satisfied with the graphical environment, placement, and varieties of whatevers available on Windows 7. I even liked the blue-background homepage splash picture reminding me of a dove carrying an olive branch in its mouth to reassure Noah that the Flood was abating).

What a disappointment when I starting trying to figure out what, within Windows 10, was supposed to be where it should have been but which was not there, what was supposed to be available which was not available, what was crucially missing as to what had been clearly user-friendly and visible and operational in Windows 7.

Amazing and remarkable it was that when I searched Google, I discovered the huge number of persons and groups listed who also wanted to get rid of Windows 10 and go back the Windows 7, and the complex steps necessary to do that.

Software utilities were out of place in Windows 10, and its Search could not and did not locate what I was seeking. Gone was convenient functioning as to all sorts of things which I had gotten used to in Windows 7.

For one thing, .png files cannot be renamed to .jpg files (as far as I know in Windows 10), in contrast to them being able to be renamed in Windows 7.

Even some vital and useful DOS-based programs which had worked in Windows 7 did not work in Windows 10.

Thankfully, my geek brother-in-law was willing (and generously, with a certain amount of perplexed apprehension, did) put on a different copy of Windows 7 (being that I had inadvertently deleted Restoration which had been an option on Windows 10), but had a very difficult time finding driver files for the particular internal hardware of my laptop (different that most generic driver files contained in the .cab files of a Windows 98SE system disk). Just before that, he installed a solid-state hard drive six times faster loading than the hard drive which had come in the laptop.

The brother-in-law said that Microsoft promised (excuse me: "announced") that they would not concoct any newer operating systems after Windows 10, but only continuously and forever supply updates to it. Yet, within the bowels of Windows 10, there was the strange query:

"What can we do to improve it?" -- if Microsoft was uncertain about the veracity of Windows 10, but unlikely that they would take anything seriously a user would communicate to them. The question: "What can we do to improve it?" seems to me that a newer operating system from Microsoft will be concocted, no matter what they have supposedly "announced."

The Windows 10 3D blue-screen splash door of not being able to look around the corner into the box on the screen tells it all. More to come, and unknown that certainly is.

I would not be surprised if the construction of Windows 10 did not have substantial input from one or more inferior gender persons hired and employed by Microsoft. Leave it to a woman and women to screw things up, like Fiorina did at Hewlett Packard and some top gal at Yahoo did by discontinuing Geocities, to the demise of many informative and educational websites carefully fabricated with much thought and labor from brilliant authors exhibiting their crucial creativity utilizing Geocities websites.

So, the bottom line is:


As long as you run adequate antivirus programs on your flashdrive files, and only visit trusted sites (like e-mailers Gmail and Yandex and Tripod and Freeservers), and be wary of opening up attachments of any type, you will not need updates on Windows 7, as you would not need them either on XP if you were yet running that.

It is true that emailers post notice to those still using Windows 98SE (still of great value in speedily and efficiently composing .html-coded webpages!) that the full graphical-environment capabilities of their email particulars will not show up nor be available on that wonderful but outmoded operating system (for which driver files have to be downloaded for many and most peripherals, like flashdrives), but all the capacities of most email services are fully functional even on Windows XP (obviously on Windows 7 also), so there is no need for Windows 10, plus both computer hardware and software creators should be aware that software and hardware connived exclusively for Windows 10 is destined for non-use oblivion because of the disgusting, obnoxious, frustrating, and needless nature of Windows 10.